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March 22, 1999


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Kathmandu Update:
Monday, 3/22/99

Hi Everyone:

Well, we finally made it to Kathmandu. Unbelievable time getting here, between striking third world airlines and bad weather. Anyway, the whole team is assembled and everything looks quite good.

The first stage of the plan is to get all the team members (15), sherpas (25) and porters (100+) to Base Camp, as well as about 15-18 tons of gear and food. Its quite a logistical nightmare, but as long as we can get the flights, we're in good shape. We'll use porters up to the village of Dingboche in the upper Khumbu and then switch to Yaks (nasty buggers....very bad attitudes).

The plan is to fly everyone and everything into either the village of Lukla or Jiri (depending on weather), which are in the lower regions of the Khumbu Valley, and then spend about 10-14 days on foot getting to Base Camp (about 60+ miles if we begin in Jiri). This will also serve as our initial acclimbatization phaze. We'll pass through the quite famous villages of Namche Bazaar, Tengboche and Dingboche on route. Its been a low-snow winter, so the trek in should be fairly smooth, but the weather has been fiercely cold. Unfortunatly, this will make for quite icy conditions later in the climb on the Lhotse Face. I'll explain that further when I get to base camp.

Technologically speaking, we're pretty well wired on this trip. Two laptops and two sat phone setups should provide a fairly good back up system in case of failure of any part of the system. We won't actually hook anything up until we get to base camp, so this will be the last update until sometime in early April at which time, I will try to provide, at a minimum, weekly updates. I've also scored a digital camera, and if I can figure out how to use the damn thing,  I'll try to send along a few pics as well. If not, the pics on my site from the last climb will have to suffice.  Its been quite a year and quite an adventure so far, but here's where the rubber hits the road. The fun begins now and it should be quite a ride.

So that's it from the home front for now. I'll send more when I can. 

Take care all.